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Learn about tea for business in this fast track, half-day seminar produced by The Tea House Times and Tea Course - presented by Gail Gastelu (click here for Gail's bio).
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DATES/TIMES/PROGRAM DETAILS: Please visit our home page calendar links to view the next available session times, locations, a complete program description, and pricing.  Can't wait for the next session? Try our online, continuing education at http://www.teacourse.com

Tea Course Fast Track™ is a LIVE experience for those who need a quick start to learning about tea. You will learn enough about tea to immediately incorporate it as a profit center into an existing or future planned business. It is also a great option for earning CEUs!
See also http://www.teacoursefasttrack.com 

If your business is ready to incorporate tea into its food and beverage offerings, this seminar will provide all of the knowledge you need to get started right away. Next to water, tea is the most globally consumed beverage in the world. It has become the drink of connoisseurs everywhere and respected as much as wine in every fine food establishment. Learn about tea for your business or as continuing education for any health related or food and beverage field; dietitians, trainers, coaches, restaurants, food and beverage managers, mixologists, bartenders, coffee retailers, and tea shop owners.

For a Tea Course Fast TrackTM, in-person experience, visit us at the next available half-day seminar (see calendar on home page).

Private sessions (minimum 5 people) may be arranged. Private sessions are held at a tea room in Wayne, New Jersey. Contact us for more info.

For continuing education, year-round, try our ongoing education choice at http://www.TeaCourse.com 


About TeaCourse.com – Tea Course is produced by The Tea House Times (a bi-monthly publication connecting businesses and consumers since 2003). The online program is considered continuing education as running a successful business necessitates continual learning, reading, watching the news, and connecting with others in the industry.  Members/students are worldwide and many have been successfully continuing their education from the comfort of their own computers since 2008.  Over 200 topics, tea market reports, tea trends, tea news, 24/7 access, and weekly updates ensure continuing education.  See also: http://www.theteahousetimes.com



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